Hosting and Spam-X

Your online presence is in good hands with Selectcom Telecom

A company’s online presence is essential to providing information to potential customers and creating a trustworthy image, so you need web and email hosting services that you can count on.

Our web and email hosting give you peace of mind and advanced anti-spam that provides essential protection for your email communications. Your employees will be more productive, which leads to better customer support and increased customer loyalty.

Benefits Web and email hosting

  • Fully scalable hosting capacity
  • Choice of packages to accommodate the bandwidth you require
  • Superior technical support
  • Email is branded with your company’s name
  • A variety of features to make your email service more efficient!

Web and email hosting


  • Configured and personalized vacation messages for a set date period
  • Auto-responders send out a set message automatically
  • Forwarding to smart phones
  • Block specified users or domains to increase productivity and eliminate unwanted mail
  • Easy upgrades between packages for all webmail mailboxes
  • Reliable anti-virus and anti-spam
  • Flexibility of choice between Unix or Windows platforms
  • Network Denial of Service Protection
  • Rate Control
  • IP Reputation Analysis
  • Sender Authentication
  • Recipient Verification
  • Virus Scanning
  • Policy (user-specified rules)v
  • Spam Fingerprint Check
  • Intent Analysis
  • Image Analysis
  • Bayesian Analysis
  • Rule-based scoring


Q. How long does it take to set up my website?
A. Generally allow 7-10 business days lead time.
Q. Can I update my website in real time?
A. Yes! Updating your website is as easy as submitting a new file to program on our server.
Q. How do I log into my hosted email?
A. Selectcom Telecom will install a log in to the client program of your choice (ex. Outlook), making it easy for you to access and use your email directly. Alternatively, you can also opt for a log in to our webmail portal.
Q. What is the attachment limit?
A. You can attach files as large as 10 Mb.
Q. Can I send out blast mail?
A. Yes. But there is a limit of 50 emails per 30 minutes to protect users from being blacklisted.

Conditions and additional charges may apply. Taxes extra. In case of early termination, contracted services are subject to termination fees.

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HOSTING - Per month
$7.95 500 MB storage space with 2 Gig of bandwidth
$11.95 1 Gig storage space with 3 Gig of bandwidth
$17.95 2 Gig storage space with 4 Gig of bandwidth
$2.95 Domain name registration
EMAIL - Per month
$11.95 10 email accounts – 20 Gig storage space
$21.95 20 email accounts – 40 Gig storage space
$39.95 40 email accounts – 100 Gig storage space
$7.95 Spam-X
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