Audio and Web Conferencing

Bridge the gap in an eco-friendly and cost-savings way

With Selectcom Telecom’s conferencing services, you can increase the productivity of your employees without leaving the office!

Conferencing can be used internally, as well as externally, to target prospects and up-sell to existing clients. Web conferencing also gives you the ability to provide interactive content that is perfect for online training and technical support.

And every trip you forego saves you both time and money, allowing you to re-invest your resources to drive sales.



  • No bookings needed to make a conference call and no time limits
  • No operators required and no set-up fee
  • Calls can be initiated at a moment’s notice using your permanent and easy-to-remember dial-in number, conference code and PIN
  • Calls can originate and terminate anywhere in the world
  • Customizable options, account codes, and online reporting give your moderator and participants maximum flexibility
  • Per-use billing
  • Up to 129 users can participate in a single conference call
  • International participants can dial in using an international toll-free number supplied by Selectcom Telecom
  • Reliable, geographically-distributed system
  • Security features are available for maximum control and better call management
  • Calls can be managed both through your phone keypad and through the interactive web interface (when part of a web conference)


Q. How long does it take to set up my conferencing account?
A. It will take about 24-48 hours to activate your toll-free service.
Q. How many people can participate in my conference call?
A. Amazingly – up to 129 users, including the moderator, can participate.
Q. Do I need to book call dates and times?
A. No. You’ll have a dedicated PIN that can be used to create impromptu conference calls.
Q. What are the security features?
A. Security-wise, Selectcom Telecom provides two standard levels of pass code security, third conference-specific pass code options, conference lock/unlock, chairperson pass code aging, email notifications, and secure pass codes. Ask your customer care representative which options are best for you.
Q. What if I want clients from overseas to call at no cost?
A. We can provide international toll-free numbers for your overseas clients!

Conditions and additional charges may apply. Services are available where technology permits. Additional charges apply for on demand options. Taxes extra. In case of early termination, contracted services are subject to termination fees.

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Per min / user
10¢ Audio conferencing
Canada / U.S.
20¢ Web conferencing
Canada / U.S.
Rates available upon request Audio conferencing international
Rates available upon request Web conferencing international
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