Traditional Business lines

Offering a single billing platform and cost reductions too

This versatile line can be used for voice communication, fax machines, modems, POS terminals, and alarm systems. If you choose to switch, you’ll be able to keep your current number and we’ll take care of the switching process for you.

The Business Phone Line starts at $27.95 per line, per month. Selectcom Telecom’s personalized after-sales service is, of course, always included!



  • Available on our trusted nation-wide network
  • Crystal-clear voice transmission
  • Straightforward billing and significant savings
  • Free and additional features to customize your phone service to your needs
  • Free directory listing in the White Pages
  • Call Display to view the caller’s business name or number on your display
  • Call Waiting to be alerted of incoming calls when you’re already on the line
  • Call Forwarding to forward calls to another number
  • Three-way Calling for conference calls
  • Line Hunting to route incoming calls to the next available line

Additional features

  • Ident-a-Call for an additional number with its own distinctive ring
  • Vanity Numbers or personalized local numbers
  • 900# Service Exclusion to permanently block 1-900 calls
  • Pay-Per-Use Exclusion to block chargeable calls
  • Collect-Call Exclusion to block collect calls
  • Telemarketing Exclusion to block telemarketing calls

    • Selectcom Telecom also offers many advanced features, including enhanced voicemail service, password protection, upgraded message capacity, and advanced notifications.
      Ask your customer care representative for more information.


      Q. What does it cost to install a new line?
      A. Installing our Business Phone Line service will cost 95$, no additional site visit charges.
      Q. What does it cost to switch to Selectcom Telecom?
      A. Switching costs $20 per line, no additional site visit charges. You will be able to keep your phone number and Selectcom Telecom takes care of all the paperwork.
      Q. Can I transfer from VOIP to a local line?
      A. Of course! The switch will cost $90 per line, plus a $70 site visit fee, per location.
      Q. Is a Business Trunk Line available?
      A. Yes, a Business Trunk Line is available where network permits. Contact us for more details.
      Q. We’re moving. Can I direct customers to our new number?
      A. Yes! There are two options. Ask your customer care representative about Reference-of-Call Recording and Virtual Forwarding. Both services can help ensure that you don’t miss a single call.
      Q. Do I have to be listed in the White Pages?
      A. No. For $7.95 per month, you can opt for a non-published listing.
      Q. Can I have additional listings in the White Pages?
      A. Of course! Add an additional listing for $6.95 per month in metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas.

      Conditions and additional charges may apply. Services are available where technology permits. $100 MAC charge may apply for adding/moving/changing services. $70 one-time port conversion charge (per account) applies. Additional fees: $5.95 monthly network fee; 40¢/mo. for 911; 35¢/mo. for TTY system; and, 60¢/mo. extra for 911 municipal tax (Quebec only). Taxes extra. In case of early termination, contracted services are subject to termination fees. The Call Waiting feature requires activation and is programmed only on non-cascading lines.

Voice - Selectcom Telecom
$9.95 Vanity Numbers
$1.95 900# Service Exclusion
$0.95 Pay-Per-Use Exclusion
$1.95 Collect-Call Exclusion
$1.95 Telemarketing Exclusion
Call us toll-free: 1.866.630.8255 Simply send us an e-mail and one of our Dedicated Account Managers will call you to schedule a free on-site review of your telecom services.