SIP Trunking

Unified voice and data systems and cost savings across the board

SIP Trunking is a VOIP and streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). That is, your telephone services and unified communications are delivered via SIP-based private branch exchange (IP-PBX) and Unified Communications facilities.

As equipment for all your offices is housed in one location, your entire voice and data communication system will be unified. And thanks to Selectcom Telecom’s simplified billing and personalized after-sales service, you’ll enjoy the benefits of this system for years to come.



  • Control hardware set-up and management for all offices from one location
  • One-time programming reduces infrastructure costs and management time
  • Expand your geographical reach with flexible termination of calls between your various offices anywhere in Canada without a physical presence
  • Reduce costs associated with maintaining separate voice and data networks, as well investment in PSTN gateways
  • Enjoy optimal bandwidth thanks to data and voice being delivered on the same connection
  • Maximum voice clarity free from echo, delays and jitters
  • Keep your current number! Selectcom Telecom does the switching for you
  • Wide range of programmable IP functionalities
  • DID numbers allow for unlimited extensions for your employees
  • Network scalable capacity allows you to increase or decrease the number of PSTN connections and associated bandwidth without installing additional PBX hardware
  • Redundancy with multiple links.


Q. How long does it take to setup Sip Trunking?
A. Expect a delay of 2-3 weeks before your service is up and working.
Q. Do I have to upgrade my phones to use SIP Trunking?
A. Your company must have IP-compatible phones for SIP Trunking. Ask us about how to upgrade your phones!
Q. If my Internet service is down, can I still use SIP Trunking?
A. No. Unfortunately, your Internet service must be available for SIP Trunking to function.
Q. Can I transfer from a local line to SIP Trunking while keeping the same number?
A. Yes, Selectcom Telecom will take care of porting your number to the SIP Trunk.

Conditions and additional charges may apply. Activation fees apply per SIP per account. Services are available where technology permits. Taxes extra. In case of early termination, contracted services are subject to termination fees.

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Per month
$19.95starts at SIP Trunking begins at $19.95 per month!
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