Toll Free Service

Your clients enjoy the convenience, you enjoy the savings

A toll-free telephone number is the best way for clients to reach you, whether to share comments, request help with troubleshooting or to inquire about a product or service.

Your toll-free number not only drives sales, it also allows you to easily connect with clients and send a positive message that boosts customer loyalty.



  • Target specific markets by opting for Vanity Toll-Free Numbers
  • Review and evaluate your marketing campaigns and promotions by tracking the performance of your toll-free numbers
  • Superior level of call quality and reliability
  • Available on Selectcom Telecom’s trusted, nation-wide network of major carriers
  • Ability to route calls by area code, time of day or holidays
  • Ability to block calls from specific area codes
  • Call details are available on one, easy-to-understand invoice
  • International Toll-Free is available with numbers valid in individual foreign countries
  • Unified Toll-Free is available with a single number valid in two or more foreign countries


Q. How long does it take to set up my toll-free number?
A. Allow for 7-10 business days for the activation of your toll-free telephone number(s) in Canada and the U.S.
Q. Can I block calls originating from areas where I don’t do business?
A. Yes! Ask your customer care representative about Toll-Free Blocking, which enables you to block calls from specific area codes in Canada and the U.S.
Q. If one of my call centers closes earlier due to time zone differences, can I have those calls answered by another centre?
A. Of course! Selectcom Telecom can re-route your calls according to time of day, area codes and holidays.
Q. What increments am I going to be billed?
A. The Toll-Free Service is billed for the first 30 seconds (minimum), plus six-second increments thereafter.

Conditions and additional charges may apply. Services are available where technology permits. Toll-free numbers available where networks and service permit. Taxes extra. In case of early termination, contracted services are subject to termination fees.

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Per month
/ min $6 Canada / U.S.
$35 per country International
$30 per country Unified
$35 Toll-Free Blocking
$35 Toll-Free Routing

Rates vary according to dialed destination and/or origin of call. One-time activations fees may apply.

Call us toll-free: 1.866.630.8255 Simply send us an e-mail and one of our Dedicated Account Managers will call you to schedule a free on-site review of your telecom services.