High speed internet

Quick, secure and affordable

Selectcom Telecom offers DSL or ADSL access that you can rely on for all your daily Internet needs. Your entire family can surf the web and download large files quickly and securely, without worrying about high costs and bandwidth limitations.



  • Free call-in support to assist you
  • Easy installation with no software – no more set-up headaches!
  • State-of-the-art modems available for rental
  • 65 GB of monthly bandwidth
  • Five @rapidmail.ca email addresses
  • Static IP address available for secure access from a home computer
  • Anti-spam, anti-virus and firewall are included for maximum security


Q. How long does it take to set up High-speed Internet?
A. Generally allow 7-10 business days for your service to be activated.
Q. Is any hardware required for installation of High-speed Internet?
A. Yes. You’ll definitely need a compatible modem. Luckily, we have Ovislink OV303R2 modems available for rental to facilitate hardware set-up.
Q. Are the advertised speeds guaranteed throughout the day?
A. The 640 Kbps access is a symmetrical DSL access, which does not fluctuate. The 5 Mbps ADSL access speeds do fluctuate, however. That’s why we advertise them as “up to” a certain performance.
Q. What conditions determine my download and upload speeds?
A. Proximity to an Access Point (Central Office), weather conditions and user traffic on the entire network will impact your connection speeds.
Q. Is it possible to have a static IP address?
A. Yes! Selectcom Telecom offers a static IP address for just $9.95 per month.

Conditions and additional charges may apply. Services are available where technology permits. $20 one-time set-up fee applies. Taxes extra.

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Per month
$29.95 640 Kbps download, 640 Kbps upload
$34.95 Up to 5 Mbps download, up to 800 Kbps upload
Call us toll-free: 1.866.630.8255 Call us toll-free or simply send us an email.