Cellular Long distance

Save up to 60% on your long-distance cellular calls

If you frequently travel across Canada or don’t have a landline, Cellular Long Distance is the best way to stay connected with your family and friends around the world. Calling is as simple as dialing directly from your mobile.


  • Crystal-clear voice quality is achieved thanks to a local line switch
  • City access numbers are programmed to your speed dial by Selectcom Telecom for easy access
  • Available on our trusted nation-wide network

How to use Selectcom Telecom’s Cellular Long Distance

1 First call the local access number of the city or region you are in – no matter where you are in Canada.
Consult the access number directory here for your access number.
2 When you hear the dial tone, dial the number you wish to call, but don’t press call. You will be connected automatically.
3 For calls to Canada and the U.S., dial the area code and phone number as if it were a local call. Do not dial 1 before the area code.
4 For international calls, dial 999 + country code + city/area code, followed by the phone number. Do not dial 011 before the country code.


Q. How long does it take to activate Cellular Long Distance?
A. It generally takes 7-10 business days to activate this service.
Q. Can I dial from anywhere in Canada?
A. This service is available from most major metropolitan areas. Ask your customer care representative for more information.
Q. I travel to the U.S. a lot. Can I use this service while on the road?
A. Unfortunately, Cellular Long Distance phone calls must originate in Canada.
Q. What increments am I going to be billed at?
A. The Cellular Long Distance service is billed at one-minute increments.

Conditions and additional charges may apply. Services are available where technology permits. Pre-authorized monthly credit card payments or chequing account withdrawals are required methods of payment for Cellular Long Distance customers. $2.95 monthly network fee is applicable only if used. Cellular Long Distance call minutes made on your mobile phone are also counted as local air time minutes by your wireless provider. Taxes extra.

Phone Selectcom telecom


Country Landline Mobile
Canada / U.S. 4¢ / min 4¢ / min
China 6¢ / min 18¢ / min
France 6¢ / min 51¢ / min
Germany 6¢ / min 48¢ / min
Italy 6¢ / min 48¢ / min
Russia 10¢ / min 24¢ / min
United Kingdom 6¢ / min 48¢ / min
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